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Please confirm your appointment through our booking system at least 72 hours before your appointment to avoid being charged a fee. See the Policy tab for more information.


Things to know BEFORE your tan session

  • Exfoliate with a non-oil based gentle exfoliant prior to your tan (includes shaving) You want to remove all dead skin cells so your tan looks as even as possible.  ​Using an exfoliating mitt works perfect for this step!

  • Do not apply lotion or perfume at least 2 hours before your session. 

  • It is recommended that you have any facial or body waxing at least 48 hrs prior to your tan.

  • Pedicures and manicures should be done at least 24 hrs prior to you tanning session.

Things to know AFTER your tan session

  • Wear loose fitting clothes until you wait the full amount of time before your first rinse.  NO yoga pants

  • No sweating, swimming or getting wet until after your first rinse.

  • You will see color right away this is called the bronzer and the solution will continue to develop until you're ready to rinse.  Once you waited the correct amount of time for your solution type you will rinse with warm water in the shower please don't use soap, a loofah or shave for your first rinse. You will see color going down the drain, this is normal! It's just the bronzer sitting on top of your skin the rest has already soaked into your skin. 

  • Throughout the week you can shower as normal just remember the more you shave and exfoliate the faster the tan will fade. Make sure to lotion your body everyday to ensure your tan lasts the maximum amount of time. 

  • Try and stay away from body washes and lotions that have perfume and sulfates.  The alcohol in them will fade your tan. 

  • Durning the processing time if you plan on sleeping in your tan I recommend sleeping in long sleeves and although this step isn't necessary if you want to be extra safe try covering your hands with socks while you sleep. This will prevent the tan from transferring to your hands making them extra dark. 

What is the difference between the solutions you carry?

The classic solution allows you to rinse within 8 hours or  you can sleep in it, this solution won't over develop. This solution comes in Medium, Dark, extra dark, and ultra (only available during spring and summer)

The express solution is great for all skin tones and is fast drying

  •  Wait 1 hour to shower = Light tan 

  • Wait 2 hours to shower = Medium tan 

  •  Wait 3 hours to shower = Dark tan 

  •  Wait 4-5 hours to shower = Deep Dark tan 

Premium Solution (limited addition for spring & summer) 

  • Provides deep moisture which keeps skin healthy while extending the life of your tan

  • Delivers nutrients like vitamin A, C and E to nourish your skin from the inside out

  • Stimulates the natural production of collagen for healthier, younger-looking skin

  • Can be used as an express solution OR overnight (classic) solution - during your appointment we will discuss the best option for you.

It is very normal to be darker after 12-24 hrs using this solution because the DHA in this solution is still active.

I'm very pale, I'm afraid it won't look natural and I'll be orange.

No orange here!! Our mission at Brookesidetss is to revolutionize the tanning experience. We are dedicated to educating our clients on the harmful effects that come along with many of the other popular tanning choices as well offering a safe alternative in the comfort of our clients homes.  (take a look at our reviews on Facebook and see what our clients are saying about the color FB page: Brookeside tanning and spa services and check our the  gallery tab as well as our IG page: brookesidetss for some pictures of real clients)   We can discuss together which solution would be best for your skin tone during your session.

                                              I have a special event to go to what do you recommend?

We recommend doing a trial for any special event especially if this is your first time trying airbrush spray tanning. This is a great way to find out what day you like your tan the best at in order to plan for your event.  You can also decide if would like to go darker or lighter next time.

Will my spray tan protect me from the sun?

No, it is very important that you still wear sunscreen. I recommend Sunbum spray  sunscreen. It’s the best!


                                                                     What should I wear during my session?

Wear what you're most comfortable in! A lot of customers like to go topless to prevent tan lines. If you're wearing a bathing suit or bra/underwear remember you WILL have tan lines. The solution washes out of clothing and bedding.

                                                                                  How long does it last?

Everyone is different depending on your skin type and how well your tan is taken care of but a good average is 

                                                                                                              5-7 days



What our customers are saying

Brooke is so amazing and nice ! She makes you feel comfortable and she makes sure she gets every spot. I am very happy with the end result and I am pleased to say that I was nowhere near orange

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